he average Ivorian mother is an outstanding cook. Her bottle of gas is an indispensable tool for guaranteeing the preparation of delicious meals for her household! This is because we know every Ivorian household needs gas on a daily basis and we are keen on supplying them the best and the safest.

That is why, we are everyday improving our logistical know-how in the sector, where our competitors, too often, rest on their laurels. Thanks to calling this complacency into question, we have reinforced our partnership with Petro Ivoire in order that we may offer the best to our clients at the best price and always available at the nearest sales outlets.

10 000 tanks
distributed per day

Industries, such as steel making, agro-food processing, and the like, are also the greatest consumers of energy.

Out of a desire for optimizing costs and observing the rules of the environment, they are opting more and more for butane gas for running their processing machinery.

We know how to respond in a tailor-made way to satisfying these needs by our capacity to install butane storage facilities, adjusting them to a network and running the system on a certified quality butane (GPL coming from official and normalized outlets).