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About us



he SNTCI is, first and foremost, a story of trust: that of our employees, of our clients and of our partners.

But it is, notably, a beautiful adventure: in 2000, we were running a single service station in Gagnoa. Today, we are managing 11 such stations in the West of Cote d’Ivoire. With time, the partnership between SNTCI and Pétro Ivoire has become a lasting and a solid one. We are proud of becoming their most important partners. SNTCI is now in charge of managing the distribution of Petro Ivoire gas to a wider portion of the geographical spread, Abidjan, Yamoussoukro and the whole of the Ivorian Great West being among these and the company is in charge of nearly 45% of their gas-related operations.

However, SNTCI, is also a story having to do with know-how: our outstanding and precise knowledge about the petroleum sector, has logically positioned us at a point of service delivery that is becoming more and more global and technical in nature. That is why we have launched out into dealing in lubricants, indispensable to the spheres of Building Construction and Public Works, transportation as well as many industries that are actively contributing to the emergence of Côte d’Ivoire. Once again, we chose to work with the best partners, (Eurolub, Total or yet still, Shell) in order to guarantee providing for our clients optimum quality and security.

This technicity having to do with our value-addition, is translated by our client policy. We provide concrete solutions to purely energy and mechanical problems on the ground. We are training the support teams of our clients from a variety of industries with whom we operate on the latest methodologies of managing energy-related issues.



The SNTCI adventure goes on day by day, thanks to the inexhaustible energy of our support teams, who constitute the pride of the company. Everyday, we are out in search of Ivorian talents, in order to make us inscribe the most indelible mark on the Ivorian economic landscape.

Drivers, mechanics, managers, sales agents, are all encouraged not to wait any more but to apply!


KOUAME VILASCO, Head of Administration, Purchase and Sales

1. Why do you like working for SNTCI?
From the CEO to the most junior employee, the whole team is youthful and dynamic, interacting in a multicultural environment. We are always looking for more challenges and more solutions.

2. What benefits does SNTCI bring you?
Always more and more technical but also soft skills.

3. What is your vision regarding the future of SNTCI?
We want the best for the company, and work hard with the teams so that very soon, SNTCI won’t be only an intermediary in the distribution chain of petroleum products, but it keeps growing up and diversifying as its partners did (Total and Shell for instance)

DAHON ANGE, Engineer in Lubricants

1. Why do you like working for SNTCI?
SNTCI gives the employees the opportunity to participate at every stage of its development and to grow up with it. I am also given the chance to get out of my comfort zone and to develop my skills!

2. What is SNTCI bringing you?
As an Engineer in Lubricants at SNTCI, I have gained a thorough experience at the technical and commercial level in the petroleum sector. This position at SNTCI enables me to increase my abilities of adaptation and listening, my team spirit, my communication skills along with my sense of responsibility.

3. What is your vision regarding the future of SNTCI?
I know for a fact that SNTCI is well positioned among the best companies in its field in Cote d’Ivoire. Today I observe a multinational company whose has branches scattered almost everywhere in Africa. She is already on the right trajectory.

TANO EMILIENNE, Station Manager

1. Why do you like working for SNTCI?
SNTCI is a company which, in my opinion, adheres to the administrative norms. We are sure to be registered at CNPS (Ivorian Social Security) and we benefit from appropriate training and regular salary payments, which is not always the case in the country.

2. What does SNTCI bring you?
SNTCI brings us professional and family stability.

3. What is your vision regarding the future of SNTCI?
I can see a bright future for SNTCI, for it has made its mark in every place where it exists. Over the years, business figures are improving thanks to thoroughness and the remarkable job accomplished by its network leadership. SNTCI will host the banner high for Petro Ivoire to the summit above all gas dealers in Cote d’Ivoire.


1. Why do you like working for SNTCI?
SNTCI is specialized in fuel transportation, a field in which I was trained and in which I have always wanted to work. SNTCI offers me the opportunity to do so.

2. What does SNTCI bring you?
SNTCI brings me a certain amount of experience in the field of driving and financial and family well-being.

3. What is your vision regarding the future of SNTCI?
SNTCI is a company with a big potential. It can do better, by doing a lot more of hard work. I can see it as the undisputed leader in petroleum sector.