SNTCI | Engagement



Over the years, SNTCI has been able to be aware and act in the areas of social and environmental responsibility. As a key player in the distribution of petroleum products, we are trying so that at the same time the products we distribute and the associated logistics observe the stipulated environmental norms. This is done in order to limit to the maximum our carbon emission capacity. Indeed, the energy we distribute and use to do so must be beneficial to our economic and geographical ecosystem by limiting all the harmful ecological effects for the future generations.

SNTCI is an Ivorian company. Being an economic operator of this stature in an emerging country is a heavy responsibility. We are always devoting more efforts everyday to make our support teams and partners benefit from the economic windfalls we generate. We are, in this respect, contributing to the education, the health and the economic self-reliance of hundreds of Ivorian households.

Finally, SNTCI has committed itself for a number of years with the Atef Omais Foundation (FATOM), which the company has been funding. FATOM is on the ground, acting on matters of health, education and culture in Cote d’Ivoire ; being involved in building schools and organizing cultural and sporting events.


” For more than 16 (sixteen) years, SNTCI has been serving the Ivorian people. Through its different activities, it has created an impact in many spheres of their daily lives: gas that enables one to cook and turns the turbines of our industries, the fuel that enables us go to work and which builds up our infrastructure, but also the lubricants and the tyres, which are useful for ensuring the growth and the performance of the local industries. It is thanks to the latter, that Cote d’Ivoire can construct roads and produce large-scale consumer goods!

I am proud of the tenacious work carried out by my team members, who are everyday giving of their best, to satisfy our clients, whatever may be the complexity of their demands. Day in and day out, we are writing a unique history in the Ivorian entrepreneurial landscape: that of a growing enterprise that aims at becoming the best partner of its clients and the expert in terms of their energy needs! “

Therefore, to all of you, from the bottom of my heart, I say a big Thank You!

Karim Ousmaes, Managing Director