fter spending many years of putting our demand at the service of petroleum product distribution, our willingness to grow, urged us to take a keen interest in a new area of operation: lubricants.

It is a sector that requires an extensive range of know-how and an unparalleled precision, because the technical, mechanical and financial stakes of our clients, normally giant industrial ventures, are always higher: This is why we only distribute a limited selection carrying the premium trade mark: Eurolub, Total and Shell.

We are, after all, the only dealers putting on offer at the market this wide-range portfolio of trade marks.

Our dearest wish is to satisfy our client: we offer him, in this respect, a unique technical assistance, so as to reinforce the skills of his teams, via training cycles, to optimize his consumption rate by oil analyses and via a system of maintenance follow-up of his stocks and, consequently, reducing his operational costs.

The dealers of the trade marks we are distributing are aware of our levels of commitment and the values we uphold: That is why Eurolub has accredited us as the sole distributor in the whole of Cote d’Ivoire. We are also distributing Total and Vivo Energy products out of a desire to offer our clients a wide range of extremely pure and qualitative products, the best on the market, at very reasonably, competitive prices.

Being aware and acknowledging our know-how, the big time transport operators, those of the mines, of the quarries and of Construction and Public Works, have made the choice to make us their present suppliers. We are proud to secure for them more than 100 metric tons of products every month! Our motto? Reactivity and Flexibility! Do you have an urgent demand? We know how to deliver and fast everywhere in Cote d’Ivoire!